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    Replication Troubleshooting

    Dave Henig



      Our ePDM 2012 SP2 environment is set up for replication to multiple archive servers, but I am unable to resolve issues where some files are not replicated, but others are. Some background:


      1. The replication schema is bare-bones.. no special filters or options are chosen.. "every file, every hour".. nothing selected on the Advanced tab.  The schema is set up right now for only one direction, "local" site to "remote" site.  Running the Test functions results in success for both directions.

      2. The Archive Status screen gets to a certain % complete (about 45%), and then stops there, even after multiple hourly cycles.

      3. The Archive Server Log on the remote site states "There are ### files that needs to be replicated." That ### does not change between runs like it should be doing.  (This is in a database with very little activity, as we are trying to understand this better before we roll out replication for all of our data. ... i.e. almost no files are being added to the vault.)

      4. I have verified specific files are listed on the Missing Files List.  There is no reason given on this list as to why they may not be replicating!  There is also nothing in the archive server log about said files.

      5. I have enabled the 'additional logging' feature.... registry key EventLogLevel = FFFF.

      6. I have gone through the replication setup document and troubleshooting sections carefully.. all the tests appear successful!


      There is one hitch... there are a couple files in the db that do not have folders in the vaults.  When replication begins, the log shows these two files as errors, retries them once (our limit is 2 tries), and logs the failure.  One would presume the system should be able to continue with the multitudes of other files in the vault.


      So that's our current problem.  I don't know how to force these files to successfully replicate, when other files already have, without an issue.


      The purpose of this forum post is to seek answers but also to make a suggestion from Solidworks.

      --> Please add a way to see the status of individual files as they are copying!!  If there are multiple threads for copying, I want to see the status of each thread... useful information would be:

      - thread stuck or copying, file was successful or thread finished with an error (with descriptive reasons for all statuses!)

      - source and destination servers, document ID, file name, version, location in the vault

      - bytes copied out of  bytes total


      --> Also please update the Missing Files list with a new column: a reason why the last attempt failed, if there was one.



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          Dave Henig

          Minor update- I have deleted (and destroyed) the two offending files on the local server causing error log entries.  Another replication cycle has occurred since then, but other than the lack of related error messages now, all the other files remain un-replicated.  I was hoping that something would be jump-started by removing the erroneous files, but no luck.

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              Marc Vanderslice

              Does your replication start at the root directory of the Vault?  We had a somewhat similar problem to yours were we had 2 folders in the root directory that had the files and no files in the root and the replication would fail unless we pointed the replication to the folder(s) that had the data in it.

              Good luck.


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              Todd Puckett


              We have the same problem.  Our archive server is stuck on 58 files that haven't replicated.  My VAR supplied me with a SQL query that shows files not replicated (ShowFilesNotReplicated2008.sql).  It might be useful if you are replicating the entire vault, since we are not it list thousands of files that aren't set to replicate.  Your VAR should be able to get that for you.

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                Ravi Teja

                Hi Dave,

                        1.  Are you able to do a get operation on these unreplicated files from your remote site? try to preview the file or do a "Get latest version" operation from a computer on remote site.this should trigger "on demad replication "for that file.


                        2. From the unreplicated list of file check,if all the versions of a file have problem replicating or few version have replicated.

                        3. From SQL find the DocumentID of missing file and check in the parent archive if Physical files are not missing.





                Ravi T

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                  Chad Kiser

                  We're having a similar issue.  Did you ever get this resolved?

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                      Todd Puckett

                      Sort of, our VAR was able to look at the archive server log files and figure out which files were failing to replicate.  The files actually existed on the destination archive server but they were corrupt or had an unknown problem.  We manually renamed the problem files on the archive server and then they replicated without error.  SolidWorks support was actually more involved than our VAR and they said they put in an SPR for the problem.  I did not see it listed as a fix in SP4.   The errors continue but we have had no observable problems for users.

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                        Dave Henig

                        This issue was escalated and took a long time to identify.  It is related to items that are shared (copy>"paste as shared") causing a problem with scheduled replication schemas.  I suspect the fix for this will be included in a forthcoming version or SP of the software, though if you're seeing the issue of scheduled replication getting 'stuck' and you've ruled out many other factors like connectivity, you might try having your VAR contact solidworks again to confirm if it is the same issue.  Good luck!

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                            Tor Iveroth

                            Dave is correct, the issue he refers to is related to a problem that can happen when replication schema includes files that are shared between multiple folders. In some cases that can lead to the scheduled replication starting up, but never actually replicate any files. You'll see a log entry "Starting replication. There are xx files that needs to be replicated" but the files then will not replicate. Often the same number of files repeat in the log every time the schema starts.


                            This is an issue specific to EPDM 2012 SP0-SP4 and it will be corrected in SP5.


                            If you suspect that this issue is affecting your replication, ask your VAR to contact SolidWorks technical support and reference SPR 667899.


                            -Tor Iveroth, EPDM support.