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256 columns limitation verses multiple sheets

Question asked by Thomas Morness on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Josh Brady

Instead of bypassing the 256 columns limitation in Excel is there a way to get SW to read not only sheet one but multiple sheets in the design tables?


I realize I can have multiple sheets in design tables and equations linking from sheet one to any number of sheets or other Excel files. I also realize that I can have equations within SW parts and assemblies to reduce the columns within the design table. I currently do these and make efficient use of reducing columns. I also realize this 256 column limit is not an issue in newer versions of Excel.


What would be useful and for me to continue down the path I was heading is to increase the number of sheets within Excel that SW responds too.


Is there a way to get SW to respond to multiple sheets within design tables?


I suspect the answer is “No” but I would like to confirm.