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Edit weldment properties and SW crashes.

Question asked by Ben Fulton on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by Wayne Matus

Gday all,


Im back


Well i have been working on this rather large weldment of a tank containing a few strakes, ribs, stiffeners, compensation plates, doubler plates, angles, lofted sheetmetal rolled parts and various other bits and pieces. Needless to say its quite a marvel/monstrosity of a model.


Now I am reasonably savvy with operating SW to avoid errors in the tree and this model is error free.


When I go to the cutlist, expand cutlist, select a cutlist item and right click, select properties, the properties dialogue comes up where I can edit the properties of each item/body in the cutlist. Now when I select "Properties Summary" tab and then click back to "Cut List Summary" tab, SW then decides to go through the cutlist tree and slowly check things as it would appear, it appears to be busy and it will get to either one or the other feature and crash SW. Sometimes the same feature. But never puts up an error or tell me why there is an issue.


There is 33 different items in the cutlist, some repeated upto 60 times throughout the model.


There is 8 configurations, and about 12 drawings using this model, not all open in the background. In the latest crashes it was just the tank part open.


I have kind of got around this by using different configurations and isolating parts so i can edit some of the properties.


But this is going to be a popular model in the future and I need it to be stable.


This model is just over 51mb. My machine hardware is well and truely up to the task of handling bigger files.