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Changing View's config reference results in corrupt FLAT-PATTERN

Question asked by Chris Chambers on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by Scott McFadden

What I want to do..

1. Keep part variations in one part under different configurations

2. Keep part variant drawings in the same drawing each on a separate sheet.


What I'm doing...

1. Create first variant drawing on one or two sheets.

2. Copy and pasting this sheet(s) then changing the config that the views reference to another variant


What happens...

1. Normal views update OK

2. Flat-Pattern view grumbles but will update but then the features contained in the Flatten1 feature in that config will be randomly suppressed. Editing these will get the Flat-Pattern config sorted (i.e. flat) but the Sketch feature Bend-Lines 1 shows the traffic light and will not rebuild. The feature tree in the drawing is red with errors for this config. I can not get a FLAT-PATTERN config that will rebuild and this results in ugly error red feature tree in the drawing yet the errors don't show in the part.


This approach is upsetting SW2010 - how should I be going about this?