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    Import mesh from catia v5 to solidworks 2010

    Francesc Vidal



      I'm an engineering student doing the master thesis about designing a wind turbine tower. I've created the model, and refined (a very nice btw) mesh in Catia V5

      The problem is that I need to run non-linear structural calculations and Catia is not able to do that, but I've been told that solidworks is.

      The thing is that I've spent many hours refining the Catia mesh and looks gorgeous now and I was thinking if it is possible to import that mesh. I've surfed around and couldn't find any solution.

      The problem is that Catia V5 (r19) just exports the mesh in .dat and Catia v4 format and couldn't see any mesh import in solidworks

      Anyone could help? or have to mesh again?


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          Jerry Steiger



          The version of Catia FEA that you have may not be able to run non-linear structural analysis, but Dassault, the company behind Catia and SolidWorks, has Abaqus, which is possibly the best non-linear analysis package in the world. (Since Dassault bought Abaqus, they may have changed the name.) I would think that they have a way to import the .dat file. Do you have access to Abaqus or Simulia or whatever they call it?


          Jerry S.