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2 vaults, 1 computer, 1 server, 500 crashes.

Question asked by Gavin Smith on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by John Matrishon

Hi Everyone,


the company I work for has been live with the Enterpise PDM system for quite a few months now and it 'seems' to be working well (aside from random deleting of files, rolling back of versions etc for no apparent reason, external references generated to files that don't actually exist....) but the biggest issue that we have found is that on the machine I use, there are somehow 2 vaults installed that both login and logout at the same time, yet there is only the 1 vault file location.


We discovered this when searching last month for one of the above-mentioned randomly deleted files and while searching, doubles of every search result came up, some that were checked out also showed up as doubles, with both being checked out.


We have recently found that on a fairly large assembly (>200 parts) that due to the 2 vaults, locally cached files are still present, even when the local cache is supposedly deleted. This results in a nightmare when trying to open parts in said assembly because it Enterprise goes looking for these cached files, not the newer, correct part/assembly files. Long story short, after quite a long hang, the computer crashes.


I am wondering if anybody can explain how this happened when the same installation proceedure was used on all the machines running enterprise, yet mine is the only known machine this has happened to.... I am also the only machine to be running a stand-alone instal of Solidworks (2010, SP4.0) when everyone else is running Solidworks installed from a network image file (2010, SP3.0)