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    Command Manager - Blank Screen

    John Stoltzfus

      Good afternoon All,


      This is the second time this happened in about 2 months,


      I had issues with the screen going blank, (gray shaded), and I found out that it is tied to the Command Manager, so if I closed out the Command Manager the screen issue clears up.  I contacted my VAR and this was his suggestion,



      As discussed, below are the instructions on resetting your registry. Let me know if this works or if you have any questions:

      1. Close Solidworks
        2. Click on the Start menu and in the "Search" box at the bottom type "regedit" and hit enter to launch the registry editor
        3. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER- Software
        4. Right click and rename the "Solidworks" folder to make it "Solidworks-OLD"
        5. Close the registry editor and launch Solidworks

      It will be as if you're starting it for the first time, so you'll have a couple extra boxes come up at the beginning.  Once you get Solidworks open see if the problem is fixed.  You'll have lost all your custom settings including any keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, file locations, etc.  Once you get all that set back up the way you want I would strongly suggest using the copy settings tool.  It will create a file that you can use to reset Solidworks to those settings if you ever have a problem like this again.  You can get to it by going to Start- Programs- Solidworks- Solidworks Tools.


      Did this happen to anyone else??  Is this the correct way to solve it??