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Toolbox / hole wizard database "setup" or access problem

Question asked by Dale Dell'Ario on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by Dale Dell'Ario

I had three versions of SW running on my machine, 2010, 2011 sp05 and  2012 sp01.  Trying to fix my problem I uninstalled  (with some difficulty) all versions and reinstalled 2011 sp05 and 2012 sp01.   While I believe the hole wizard and the toolbox was working before (hole wizard as recently as a month ago), I can get neither to work now.  There have been numerous Windows 7 updates  in the last several months.  I am running Win 7 - 64 bit.  While attempting to use a toolbox model of a gear, I got the following error Headline is "Database Setup Error"  box content is "unable to open master database due to following database error:"  No error is specified.   I tried readding in the add-in, reconfiguring it etc., and parts of the process seem to work, like the reconfigure part but neither H/W or T/B do anything other than to load a model that is generic in size.  I almost always get the message about database setup, while trying to add in the add in would get "Unable to setup default profile" or "unable to set up valid configuration profile".  This has been true on all versions before and after the reinstalls.  I have kept all the browser.mdbs where they should be with open permissions and the browser contents read only.  Any give SW version is pointing to the correct data file.  I know this because when it is not, I get an out of memory or other blah blah message when it is not and when I do point it correctly I get the all too familiar "Databasde setup error".    I am running IE9 as my default browser with Chrome also installed.  Thanks for any suggestions about what to try next.