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reverse Show With Dependents?

Question asked by Brian McEwen on Mar 13, 2012

I understand Show With Dependents (S w/D).


How do you reverse it and toggle it? It takes precendence over sub assy display states.  Yet it can be associated with a top level display state.


Don't tell me it is only manually... Do you have to find everything that is now shown, and hide it again?   In the past I have avoided using it because of this behavior and no solution, but I'd like someone to tell me there is an easier way.


For example Assy A, subassy B, component C.  I selected S w/D in Assy A, on A1 display state (on A2 display state the component remains hidden).  I want component C to go back to hidden.  Sub assy B seems unaffected - component C is still hidden in all the B display states...  And now imagine that there are lots of components, and you don't want to go recreate a display state from scratch.


I tried flip flopping display states, and looked for other RMB options.  I tried hitting S w/D again.  No luck so far. Yes, Undo works if you use it soon after running S w/D, but there should be a clear way to restore the display states.  S w/D could be a checkbox or something. A function to restore original sub assy display states could be good, but the result would be different than a simple S w/D toggle.