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REV (and other variables) Not Updating and/or Displaying in eDrawings

Question asked by Nick Kamenszky on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by Pradeep Sukumaran

I have a number of variables that I use on my drawings both in the title block and on the face of the drawings such part marking notation that automatically fetches things like Drawing Number, Revision, etc. The REV is auto-updated using EPDM upon release transitions.


The drawings display perfectly in SW, but in eDrawings the variables do not update/calculate properly. For instance, I have a drawing at REV C but eDrawings displays REV B, and the drawing number I use for my part marking notations does not display at all.


Is this a universal eDrawings limitation, or I am missing something here?


I certainly hope it's not a limitation, because if this data cannot be displayed properly in eDrawings and I can't use it for Purchasing and Quality Assurance purposes, then it's pretty much useless.