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    Looking for material and/or presentation for 9th year students

    Eyal Siryon

      Hello All.


      We are working with 9th grade students (smart ones!!) to get an idea from a thought to a real product (hopefully ).

      My role is to tell them about the mechanical aspect of the creation.


      My time is limited to a hour and half presentation and around a week of hands on experience.

      I would like to give them a quick lecture/demonstration of the CAD in general and SolidWorks capabilities and usage.


      I am looking for material to help me demonstrate it and maybe someone had performed this type of presentation and will be able to share it with me.


      I know there is a complete section of education with full curriculum, but it is based on around 3 months time of hands on class. I need something short and to the point that they will be able to understand the concept and also follow my sample and create some draft of there own.