Alexandre Mailloux

Good way to proceed?

Discussion created by Alexandre Mailloux on Mar 12, 2012


I need produce a thermal simulation and I would like some advice on the process I could follow to achieve my goals.

  This is an electronic box painted black where there are electronic components. The purpose of the simulation is to determine whether with solar radiation, temperature of the unit blank exceeds limit on the temperature of the electronics.

  As protection against the sun, my intention to place a hood on top of the unit. I would like to evaluate the effectiveness of the hood and the heat transmitted by this one, on my case.

  To avoid making a simulation of a block (very heavy) with all the components I plan the simulation in parts.

-Chassis with internal electronics (and then transpose this global source of heat in a single component)

- Enclosure alone to determine its thermal performance

- Complete unit (housing, internal heat source, lens hood).

Also the material is aluminium painted with a black polyester powder coat.  Now to reproduce the coating I add make a other part that represent the coating ( black polyester coating of .005’’) is it a good way to simulate that material or just go with a black body will be sufficient?

This steps does it make sense?