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    Internal Fan

    Ramin Naghshi

      Hi all!


      I'm having problems defining an "Internal Fan" boundary condition. When I run the model and the solver is finished, it does not seem that the fan has worked!


      Please, explain the appropriate procedure in modeling/defining  an internal fan. Which faces should be used when selecting enter and exit flow faces? Should we have a block part representing the fan? What is the overall algorithm?





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          David Heumann

          Make sure you have a correct fan curve.  I had a fan curve that started at zero pressure and zero flow rate and obained "no flow"..  The curve should start at a pressure greater than zero at zero flow rate and continue from there.

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            Brendan Labrecque

            The fan should be as simple as possible, like an extruded circle.  I've used delta fans, then created configurations than gave me this shape. while still keeping the mounting casting around it.


            Make sure it is an internal fan in an internal flow environment.  For input into environment, put very very low Q and output of environment as ambient.  


            Sometimes Solidworks gets confused when you have small fluid volumes too.  This would be ones you aren't aware of, like underneath a screw in a blind hole.  Basically you need one continuous fluid domain.