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Design Tables open with SolidWorks basic fuctionality

Question asked by Thomas Morness on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Thomas Morness

I have SolidWorks 2011 with SP5.0 installed, Microsoft Excel 2003 with SP3.


This is not the problem yet but I have a part with a design table which drives the part length, width, height, thickness, and multiple features, sketches and lots of dimensions…all of which with specific names.


I like using Excel to access the design table for part manipulation by right mouse clicking the “Design Table and selecting “Edit Table in New Window”. SolidWorks 2008 I had this design table open in Excel and worked on the SolidWorks part model at the same time which was not a problem. I created new sketches, edited sketches, added and edited dimension, created and added naming conventions, hide, unhide and/or suppress, unsuppressed features, all sorts of fun stuff. When I actually wanted a dimension added into the design table I would in Excel design table select the last column’s second row down field then go to the part in SolidWorks edit the sketch for this dimension and double click it to automatically add it to Excel design table and if I had missed a dimension I still was able to add it to the part and then to the Excel design table. I had all the (Basic) functionality within SolidWorks 2008 available to me even though the Excel design table was accessible.


Now here is the problem with SolidWorks 2011, SP5.0 the above is no longer true and/or available to us; all basic functionality is not available when you have Excel design table open. This issue is not related to just one part, assembly or PC, it is all current parts, newly created parts and assemblies and all PCs company wide.


Now here are the questions;

Is there a setting in system options that will resolve this issue?

Is it the way SolidWorks 2011 was loaded that eliminated this functionality?

How can I make SolidWorks 2011 return to this functionality while having an Excel design table open at the same time?

Is there a setting within Microsoft Excel that would resolve the issue within SolidWorks 2011, SP5.0?

Do I need a new release of Microsoft Excel? I sure hope not because of the expense.


Any help in this issue would be appreciated!!!! Thank you!