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Change an stl's Relative Position to the Coordinate System

Question asked by Giannis Gennarakis on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by John Morehead

Hi Everybody!


I'm using a simulation program called "SIMION" where you can import or design electrodes and run particles through them. This program can import many stl files (which were exported from a big dwg in a CAD program) and be recompiled again in SIMION to make the whole electrode system. When the program imports them, it gives them a relative position in reference to a coordinate system. So what I'm guessing is that each stl file has some information in its triange vectors that tells them to "sit" in this position. My question is, how can I change the relative position of each stl file in respect to the coordinate system? (for example, I may want to move one electrode of the whole system to another position) Is there some function in Solidworks?


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