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Determining pressure drop precisely

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Mar 9, 2012


I'm performing an analysis on attached model. Here is a picture of it:



These are my pieces of information: water enters this circuit at 3 bar pressure. Water has a 20 M^3/h flow rate.


I'd like to precisely calculate pressure drop.


What's the best way to accomplish it ?


I've put a static pressure condition (3 bar), and an outlet flow rate condition (20 M^3/h).


Is this correct ? Would there be better conditions to get te best precision in determing pressure drop ?


I'm asking because when I'm perfornming this kind of analyses my pressure drop results are always 30 % more than those that are experimentally measured.


I don't know wether I should make my mesh finer at the inlet and outlet, or also where the flow passage tightens.