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Question asked by Anthony Petracco on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by Anthony Petracco

Our company recently upgraded our engineering server.

Before the upgrade, all workstations had their own wip folders located on their local C: drive.

Which was not being back-up daily to the server.

Now after the upgrade,our wip are now on the H: drive. Which is now back-up daily.


The problem we are experiencing now....


When trying to open a surfcam(scprt) file, we recieve an alarm.

the alarm reads as follows:



Original File:

C:\pdmwip\(file name).sldprt

is not found in its original location!


There is three option boxes to choose from.

Browse, Postpone, Disable.


If i choose postpone, i can work with the file but any changes to the sldprt file does not affect the surfcam file.(no updates)

If i choose browse, open the sldprt associated with the surfcam file, i then recieve a warning that the part has been updated, followed by a warning that no change has been detected. at this point, i need to save the file(even though no changes were made) to re-establish the link to the H: drive. which in-turn changes the status in the wip folder from = sign togreen arrow. meaning i need to re-check it back into the vault. even though there hasn't been any changes made. but will bump revision level.


Is there a way to re-establish the link of the files in the vault to our H: directory without having to check-out all files and re-check back in?