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Self-adjusting features when inserted into assembly

Question asked by Trae Flores on Mar 8, 2012
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Hi guys/gals,


I'm new to these forums and I thought I might bug a few of you. What I have is an assembly of a stainless box plumbed with hoses and ball valves and such. I am trying to create a sub assembly hose with all of the necessary fittings installed that would allow me to insert and mate (with coincidental and concentric mating) to various hardware and have the hose portion of the assembly stretch to the location automatically (so that I can have 1 hose assembly but mate to fittings at different angles, heights, etc.)


Currently, I have to insert the fittings, gaskets, close nipples, crimp sleeves, and hose and mate each part separately then edit the hose's 3d sketch to match the "center" location of the fittings so that they hose (which is a thin sweep feature) will connect the two. I don't mind messing with the 3d splines to make the adjustments perfect, but it would save me a boat-load of time not having to mate each fitting/gasket/crimp sleeve x 2 per hose location.


Is there a mate or option or SOMETHING that can achieve this?