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    What does Pack and Go actually do?!

    Chris Shaw


      I work for a customer who needs me to revise drawings that reside in their PDM system. The revision work is often done on a local network which is not connected to the customer's PDM system.

      Pack and Go is (usually) a great tool to pull all the necessary files from their PDM system.

      However, once the work is done the modified files need to be returned to the customer's PDM system. The customer has requested that this is done using the Pack and Go function, however I'm not sure if this is a necessary request.

      The problem is that I normally only want to return the modified files (and not all the files) so using Pack and Go can take much longer than just copying and pasting the necessary files and also increase the risk of error, both of which increase costs.

      So this raises the question: what does Pack and Go actually do?!

      Is it simply a glorified copy and paste tool with a few explorer level features or does it actually modify the files in any way?

      I am using SolidWorks 2010

      Thanks in advance for your support



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          Rohit Mitra

          It does not modify the files in terms of the model. The only portion that is modified by pack and go is the file reference. It will adjust the file references based on how you choose to do the pack and go (whethere you flatten to a single folder or not) I don't see where pack and go increases error. In my opinion it actually decreases error because it includes everything, but to a certain degree I agree with you that in these cases, it may be a waste of time to use pack and go.

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            Scott McFadden


            Welcome to the forum.

            First I find it strange that the network drive is not communicating woth the PDM vault.

            Unless the network location is not the folder setup to be checkout into from the vault.


            Rohit is right in that the pack and go does not modify the files.  If you are creating brand new

            assembly packages different from the originals in the vault then I would think you would want to get this

            new package and rename it through SW Explorer and then only provide the changed files like you said and check just

            those into the vault leaving the pack and go out of the equation.