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Flow in hexagonal tube with fan

Question asked by Kim Jensen on Mar 9, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2012 by Rich Bayless


I´m new with Solidworks and is trying to do a flow simulation trough a hexagonal shaped tube with a fan mounted in the end. I would like to have the fan mounted "freely" meaning that when air travels through the tube, the fan will start spinning (because of the air flow created from another point in the system - no motor on the fan in the tube). But I can´t seem to find a way of doing this??

Other question is, I think I have reached the conclusion that I have to setup a regional rotation field. I read the tutorials as if I have to make some sort of component enclosing the part I want to rotate. Should the component enclosing the part be a part/component by it self or should it be part of the part(.prt file) that I want to rotate?

When I have a hexagonal tube, should the rotational field(the component enclosing the rotating part) then be hexagonal or cylindrical to get the best result?