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    Centermarks behaving strangely...

    Anthony Macke

      when i am inserting centermarks, i uncheck the "base center mark" box


      then it inserts it anyways


      so i have to go back in and re-uncheck the same box again after i insert it.


      any ideas as to why it doesnt remove it when i initially insert it and tell it not to  use the base center mark?

        • Re: Centermarks behaving strangely...
          Anthony Macke

          Centermarks are garbage. I refuse to use them at all anymore (at least as long as I'm stuck using Solidworks 2010 not sure if its any better in newer releases)

          Even if I dimension the hole by clicking the edge of the hole and add a centermark later (this used to be our way of working around the crappy centermarks), if that centermark gets deleted all my dimensions error out.

          F'in annoying

          I'd rather sit here and draw in a million centerlines before I use centermarks again.

          Yeah they work fine, until your hole moves.

          If you dimension to the hole itself, and don't add a centermark, and the hole moves, the dimension moves with it, no problem.

          Dimension to the hole itself, add a centermark afterwards, hole moves or delete centermark, dimension errors out.

          So F-U centermarks


          That is all....I said good day!