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Need help displaying variable custom property values within the title block

Question asked by Scott Wheeler on Mar 8, 2012

I am attempting to make a configuration specific property called "DrawNo" a variable-driven value in the following sense.  Within the custom properties tab builder, I have setup a 2-state radio button interface for DrawNo.  The first state is for when no configurations are used, and the DrawNo field is set to the value $PRP:"SW-File Name(File Name)".  The second state is when configurations are used, and the names of the configurations will drive the value of DrawNo.  For this state, the value is set to $PRP:"SW-Configuration Name".


So far, this works great.  It allows users to have the field for DrawNo be a function of the 3D filename or the configuration name.  I can toggle back and forth, and the value read into DrawNo updates correctly within the custom properties.


So, the idea is that the value for DrawNo will be displayed within the title block of our drawings.  Regardless of whether a configuration is used, the drawing number in the title block will always be parametricallly linked to the 3D file in the right manner.


Currently, other configuration specific information is also displayed in the title block, such as descriptions, materials, etc.  Works fine, as expected.


The problem is the property DrawNo will only display the value for the active configuration of the part or assembly.  It will not pull the configuration specifc information from the model in the first view, as does the other configuration specific data.  The only difference is that the other properties are not using this type of syntax within their value expression.  They are either hand-typed or driven off SW-material or SW-mass types of expressions, not $PRP...


Can anoyone think of how to resolve this issue?  I am sooooo close.


Are there other methods I should consider using?  The idea is to somehow drive the Drawing Number field on our title block by parametrically linking it to the 3D files.


How I setup our templates/formats at my last company was simple, and effective.  Part/Assy files were saved as the drawing number.  Drawings were saved as whatever the 3D filename was by default, since SolidWorks prefills that info in the Save dialog box on intial save.  When there was a drawing that used a configuration, we simply saved that drawing as the specific drawing number for that configuration.  And last, the drawing number displayed within the title block was simply set to equal the filename of the drawing.  I may resort back to this method....