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Properties associated with Custom Tab shown in Config.Prop Pane but not BoM

Question asked by Chris Chambers on Mar 7, 2012

In SW2010


Using Property Tab Builder I created a reasonably extensive set of custom properties (cprop1). Using the Tab Builder interface these were all set to configuration specific. After finish this and testing with a BoM I decided I needed to simplify things a bit. Making the choice that configurations will (for me) be dimensional variants only I could there for make the Material property a Custom Tab not a Configuration Tab property. I made the changes to this and other properties by selecting the Custom Tab button in Tab Builder (cprop2). Now if I change the Material in one configuration it changes in the other as shown by the Config Tab Pane. But this is not reflected in the BoM where different configurations are shown as seperate items and one configuration does not show the values that are shown in Config Prop Pane. MOve back to cprop1 and ConfrigProp Pane and BoM are the same back to cprop2 and one config goes blank in the BoM but appears correct in the Config Prop Pane.


Is this a bug or can I get this to work correctly?