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Colinear / horizontal relations issue

Discussion created by William Grant on Mar 7, 2012
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I have a very simple brace part I am trying to add a dado to. I had originally made these parts within the assembly but when it came time to export the parts to my CAM program, I quickly realized that making the basic parts individually first then adding them to the assembly and finishing the design makes for a MUCH smoother export experience since everything is aligned correctly to the origin, etc...


Onto my problem.


I made this part individually using measured geometry of how the piece will fit in the assmebly instead of using a bunch of relations to other parts in the assembly. Thus, the part is square to its origin and all of the faces and edges are perpendicular to the default [front, right, top] sketch planes.


when I try to add a colinear relation to this last edge of the dado, it balks saying the horizontal relation causes a conflict. Now wait a minute SW, if I use the measure tool to check the two lines I am making colinear, "the two selected items are parallel".


How does this make any sense? I don't want to just get rid of the horizontal relation and make a quick fix, because the line IS horizontal.

If anyone has run into this before or has any suggestions on how to correct the issue I would be very thankful to learn from your experience.





I tried to post some pictures (tried both jpg and png filetypes) but I kept receiving a database error. Hopefully everyone can open the [sw 2011] file.