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    My SolidWorks Rx Screens Are Blank (Sort of)

    Jerald Poston

      I am having trouble with SolidWorks Rx, the Rx display screen is pretty much blank. 


      After learning more about this tool at SolidWorks World, we wanted to let our users know about it since we are converting over from ProE to SolidWorks.  Yesterday I tried to use the Problem Capture feature to show how this tool worked as a trial run before showing everyone else.  I followed the prompts and when it came time for the tool to finish and add the files, my Rx display screen was pretty much devoid of any text and the tool crashed.  After this my Window 7 Explorer was diplaying only icons for directory contents.  This I was able to fix, but the Rx tool still does not show properly.  I have attached a screen capture of what I see in the Problem Capture tab.  I have upgraded my SW2012 to SP2  but it did not make a difference.


      Does anyone know of a fix for this?