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Top Down with relative motion

Question asked by alex Bradley on Mar 6, 2012

OK here is my question


I would like to create a top down assembly model where the interacting components update relevant geometry so they still fit together however there is a caveat; the parts move relative to each other. I have seen people using layouts or sketches to create inter-part relations via convert entities however, you incur an in-place mate which if you break (which is necessary for motion) breaks the inter-part relations. The other issue is that some of the parts move in more than one plane of motion so although I have used blocks it was very cumbersome and frustrating. Is there a way where I could create a master 3d sketch then build parts off of that while preserving the ability to move and relations? My current approach is really crude but I had created the model mostly in-context so I figured I could create 2 assemblies 1 with mates and motion and 1 for sizing. Is this how this is done?  Or do I create a ton of equations to control intersecting geometry and if I do why are only some of the dimension’s features visible?