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Export a section view of 3D part as a DXF

Question asked by David Kinahan on Mar 6, 2012
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Hi All,


I am relatively new to Solidworks so I was hoping you could help out with what is probably an obvious question!


My current workflow is I design my parts in Solidworks and then they are machined in multiple layers/depths. The easiest way I have found to do this is make a drawing from a part/assembly, make some section views and safe these as DXFs. I then use other sofware to remove the hatching etc.


One of my colleagues showed me how to skip the intermediate step and save a face as a dxf directly from the 3D part. However what I really want to do is export a section view (annotation view) as a DXF as this will cut the intermediate step, save some time etc.


I can create a section annotation view. However then the problem starts -  I go File>Save As>DXF and select the 'Export Annotation Views' option. I select only my 'Section View' in the list of options and press the green check mark. The DXF cleanup window appears.......and I don't get a my section - instead I get whatever I would see if the section was not there.


Is there any way to make this section view option work? Preferably where I only see edges cut by the section on export (and no hatching etc).


Many thanks in advance,