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    Export a section view of 3D part as a DXF

    David Kinahan

      Hi All,


      I am relatively new to Solidworks so I was hoping you could help out with what is probably an obvious question!


      My current workflow is I design my parts in Solidworks and then they are machined in multiple layers/depths. The easiest way I have found to do this is make a drawing from a part/assembly, make some section views and safe these as DXFs. I then use other sofware to remove the hatching etc.


      One of my colleagues showed me how to skip the intermediate step and save a face as a dxf directly from the 3D part. However what I really want to do is export a section view (annotation view) as a DXF as this will cut the intermediate step, save some time etc.


      I can create a section annotation view. However then the problem starts -  I go File>Save As>DXF and select the 'Export Annotation Views' option. I select only my 'Section View' in the list of options and press the green check mark. The DXF cleanup window appears.......and I don't get a my section - instead I get whatever I would see if the section was not there.


      Is there any way to make this section view option work? Preferably where I only see edges cut by the section on export (and no hatching etc).


      Many thanks in advance,


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          Scott McFadden


          Welcome to the forum.

          Curious, how are you creating these different level cut faces?  With configurations?  Adjusting the cut depths?

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              David Kinahan

              Hi Scott,


              Thank you for the welcome.


              Aplogies if this is no the correct answer to your question - as I said I am quite new to Solidworks and am not fully familiar with all the features and terminology - I think hwat i am doing is adjusting the cut depth.


              What I do is I create my object using boss/base extrude. I then select a face and I use extruded cut to remove the material to a specific shape/depth. I'll use a number of these to create my design. For my machining I need a section through each different cut depth to send to the machine.


              To create the section view I adjust the offset to the depth I want (usually midway through the cut) and then save this annotation view. And this is where I hit my problem.


              Of course if there is a much easier way to do this that I am missing out on I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction!


              Thanks again,


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                  Scott McFadden

                  Hi David,

                  We will try and find a solution for you and it may be a process of trials and errors.


                  What I am thinking and this will go back to what the other guy suggested and that is in the part file,

                  create some configurations representing each of the machined section heights. 

                  To do this and in my opinion the best way to manage this would be to create a design table

                  In the design table you can have the dimension value used to adjust the boss height to create all of the heights you need.

                  The design table will help you quickly alter and create each machine level step.  Then you can in your model activate

                  each configuration and save those out as dxf files.  One per section.

                  Does this make sense to you and would it work for you?

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                Kelvin Lamport

                Open a 3D part model (not assy)

                Create a set of Ref Planes at the required section positions (or one Ref Plane controlled by an Offset Distance dimension)

                Create a configuration for each section to be made (if you want to)

                Select a Ref Plane and use the Cut With Surface tool to create a section

                Hide or suppress any bodies which should not be showing (SW bug)

                Do a Save as to DXF and when the DXF/DWG Output manager appears, select the Faces/loops/edges option and select the EntitiesTto Export

                Hit the green check mark and a DXF/DWG Cleanup box should appear

                Remove entities, if necessary

                Hit Save... and your done.


                For an assy, you will have to save it as a part, and then follow the above procedure.

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                  David Kinahan

                  Hi Scott,


                  As I have a maximum of 5 layers per drawing Kelvin's suggestions will work for me - I just tried it and it does exactly what I need. I'll look into the configurations/design tables and if it is easy to implement I will give it a go.


                  Thanks again and regards,