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Translation error between departments

Question asked by Tanner Moore on Mar 6, 2012
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Good day,


I've recently encountered an issue where I opened an assembly in EPDM and the assembly did not appear on my terminal (in the manufacturing department) as it did in the design department. For the sake of trying, I had our IT deparment remove permission restrictions and upon doing that, the assembly appeared as it ought to have (it resembled the assembly as it was displayed in design). However that approach only satisfies curiosity and for our application renders EPDM irrelevant because now the manufacturing department can access files that are not approved.


Does anyone have experience with translation errors with assemblies or even parts between departments within a company? I suppose it is worth noting that I did "Get Latest Version" before attempting to open the assembly. As it turns out the parts I programmed for our CNC machine were correct (I work from the .slddrw file). It just happened that the assembly was not correctly represented.


If I can provide any more details on the subject please let me know. Thanks.