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    Editing IGES imported file in SW

      If you have SolidWorks Office Pro you can try FeatureWorks to try and convert the IGES imported features to SolidWorks editable features. I have had hit and miss results. If the part is simple you will have better luck.

      Good luck,

      Dave Heinemeyer
      SolidWorks 2006 SP05.0
      SolidWorks 2007 SP1.0
      Windows XP Pro SP2
        • Editing IGES imported file in SW

          Is it possible to covert IGES feature into usual SW feature?
          I have a IGES file and I converted into SW file. But all features in the part are IGES (Imported and I cannot edit them). Is there any way (translator) with which I could work them as normal SW file???
          Somebody plz help me out......
          • Editing IGES imported file in SW
            But it seems it doesn't work for me as well. My part is bit complicated as well. It just recongnized fillets and chamfers, not main features.
            Thank u very much indeed Dave,