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Question asked by Kevin Stickels on Mar 6, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by Kevin Stickels

Just searching for some input as to how to "skin this cat". I am creating a Request for Change (RFC) workflow to incorporate Engineering Change Requests (ECR), Quality Change Requests (QCR), Project Change Requests (PCR), etc. I know it is possible through the workflow, to create a basic request then through the states/transitions, direct the document through differing paths. My question is whether or how I can get the RFC to trigger the correct card and form depending on the checked process. For example, suppose a RFC is checked for an ECR. I would like it to trigger to the appropriate ECR form. My first thought was to capture all the pertinent data on the cards first but that would be a rather large, cumbersome data card. I would prefer being able to "check" ECR or QCR or whatver and then trigger to the proper card/form. Any ideas?