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Pedestrian Comfort analysis?

Question asked by Legt Chevrollier on Mar 5, 2012

I am wondering if someone knows where I can find steps of how to check the Pedestrian Comfort analysis?


I will be using the Flow Simulation, and weather (wind) data, from the local weather station.


I heard that in Europe, so called Lawson's criteria is used to determine the Pedestrian Comfort. This criteria is pleased if 95% of the time, wind speed does not exceeds 4 m/s.

But how to do this?

I imagine that CFD analysis companies do not take all those weather measurings during the year, run a CFD analysis, and check if the speed of wind exceeds 4 m/s on the desired location?

There needs to be some other way.


But I can not find the exact steps of how to check for the Pedestrian comfort.


Anyone knows the exact way of how to do this?



Thank you.