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    SolidWorks file Management without PDM

    James Rawlinson

      We are in process of migrating to SolidWorks from NX (Formerly Unigraphics).  We are making these moves prior to implementation of a new PLM System (Teamcenter UA),  The catch here is I have to manage files while we outline. define, build and test the Teamcenter database. 


      In the NX Environemnt, I have some scripts that package all of the files that make an assmebly into a single zip file.  It also creates a log that I use to go back and remove the files from our revision folder after the copies have been placed in the Release folder.


      I am looking at both the SolidWorks Explorer and the "Find References/Pack and Go" commands within the CAD interface, and I have not located anything that allows me to move the files (the system wants to copy them instead).  I also have not found a listing function that allows mw to easily remove the files after thye have been copied.


      I know I am talking really old school, but this is where I am at the moment and I don't want to use the resources to create some fancy utility becasue we are bout to have a multi-million dollar enterpise solution provided for us; just need a quick and dirty fix.


      Any help out there?

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          Jeremy Feist

          I don't think there is anything out of the box in SW that will do what you are currently doing. I would post this in the API section and see if someone may be willing to modify you existing scripts to ready the SW file references. then you could stay with your existing process, just updated to your new tool.


          one warning though, moving files can cause issues where the assembly/drawing can't find its parts/assemblys - but it sounds more like you are achiving the files rather than expecting to use them - so it may not matter in your case.

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            James Rawlinson



            Thanks for the info, I will past this in the API Section and see if there is some help there. I thought moving files here would be easier than in NX, guess I just have more seat time (and programming time)...


            thanks again.