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eDawings 2012 activex xontrol missing in access 2003

Question asked by Troy Bungard on Mar 5, 2012

Hey gang  -


I'm updating an access 2003 app that uses the edrawings activex control to open and print a drawing with the bom and routing for a job.

Having successfully updated in the past - I ran into a new issue this year going to 2012 from 2011.


In access I go to the code - and hit references.  Uncheck the edrawings view 11 and edrawings viewer 11 .... and add the same references for 2012 version.


I then save and close - go back to my form - delete the current active control and then open the activex control menu ...

i see edrawings 2010 and edrawings 2011, but no edrawings 2012.....


I tried doing a repair install of edrawings viewer 2012 -- but to no luck- the activex control doesn't show up.


I then tried to "register" a new active control and browse to the edrawings 2012 folder - slected the .dll file ... and access throws an error box saying it can't be registered using access to register with another install method.


I'm stuck - not sure why - but I don't have the activex control and need it to be able to print drawings in the new version - for our production staff.


Any suggestions on what to try next?


thanks -