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SW2011 - 2012 upgrade

Question asked by Todd Frahm on Mar 5, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2012 by Paul Marsman

Hi again.


Sorry to be a PITA, but I didn't want to put two different subjects in one discussion.


I'm newly hired IT guy (3rd day of work) at business that is in immediate need of upgrading SW from 2011 to 2012 version.  They have three users, and to my knowledge from reading various forum posts, I'll need to perform two separate upgrades.  I don't have experience with SW at all, but have a pretty fair share supporting CAD in a different environment.


I just want to run the process by people to make sure I'm not missing anything (any tips and 'gotchas' to lookout for are appreciated!)


0. Schedule maintenance window where all engineers are offline

1. Uninstall the 2011 license manager from the network

2. Install the upgrade to the 2012 license manager (instructions not from here, but another party supporting that?)

3. Upgrade each of the workstations to the SW 2012 software

4. Bada-bing, bada-boom....all is well once again?


I believe they are using some sort of data vault - it might be the PDM I've seen mentioned in a few posts on this forum.  Is this something I should be concerned with in the upgrade?  Is there anything there that has to be upgraded/managed as well?


Also, we just received a freshly mailed DVD with the software on it.  Is there a way to tell if it has the newest service packs, or is that handled during the install process?


Thanks for any help and tips you can offer.  It's been an 'exciting' three days trying to learn what is best for this upgrade.





edit - Oh, yes...are the drawings in ANY sort of risk?  Not opening properly, needing to be re-rendered/converted with external process?  If the PDM is upgraded, what risk is associated with the files/folders/network (Windows Server) security in doing so?  Thanks again.