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    Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software not compatible with Solidworks!

    Andrew Smith

      Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software is not compatible with Solidworks!



      After scrutinizing the driver options, phone conversations with Microsoft techs, a replacement mouse, and searching various forums, I have to conclude that the Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software is not compatible with Solidworks.



      So if you were thinking of buying a Microsoft mouse to use with Solidworks - Don't.




      Problem: Middle button (wheel button) does not rotate the model view reliably




      Microsoft Intellipoint 8.2

      Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit




      Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500

      Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Mouse


      If someone has some magic workaround for this issue, please post it here.

      During my investigation, I noticed that the middle button works correctly in SW, if the Intellipoint software is uninstalled. But then you lose the use of the extra side-buttons, which as you know are a huge advantage.


      I'm going to hound Microsoft about this a bit, it's not like Solidworks is some obscure application with a tiny user base...