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    How do I create Batt Insulation in a Part and Drawings?

    Chris South

      I am trying to create insulation in an assembly. In autocad it would be a line representing batt insulation. I want to have that type of representation in my solidworks drawings. Can I assign it to a part the size of my insulation?

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          Troy Peterson

          I would just create it as a hatch pattern in the drawing.

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            Daen Hendrickson



            Depending on the level of detail you are looking for there are a couple of approaches.


            If you want to show the physical representation of the insulation in your drawing, you will need to create a part. One piece of insulation is not an issue. If you are representing the insulation in building construction, I think this effort would grow rapidly.


            If you only require a notional representation in your drawing, but you want the BOM to show a proper handling of it I would suggest creating a virtual part in your assembly with no features. Edit this virtual part and set the custom properties to represent the insulation. Create an additional custom property called something along the lines of "Quantity Required" and put in the amount needed. At the top of the custom properties window set the BOM Quantity drop down to your "Quantity Required" custom property. The Assembly BOM will then use this value in the quantity column.


            In the drawing, use some sort of sketch entities to represent your insulation such as Troy suggests. You can attach a ballon to this sketch entity and it will show a "?". Click on the balloon again to edit it and in the property manager you will see a list of non-visible parts to choose from and your insulation should be in this list. It will probably be the ONLY thing in this list. Select it and your balloon will now show the line number in the BOM corresponding to the insulation.


            A final approach is to just create the sketch entities in your drawing with a note as outline by Troy.