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When will we have the ability to toggle dimension display in 2d Sketch like with ProE?

Question asked by Mike Cole on Mar 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2012 by Mike Cole

Hello All,

(except that guy hiding in the corner)


Currently with the Show/Hide toggle menu formerly View > Sketches, planes, origins etc. there is a hide dimensions icon but it's used to Hide 3dDimensions only so if you have a 3dSketch with dimensions being shown you can hide those dimensions but it only works for 3dDimensions. When in a 2d Sketch there should be a way to toggle display of dimensions just like you can toggle display of Sketch Constraints.


Sometimes it helps to hide constraints or dimensions or both in order to unclutter the display. Will or has SolidWorks ever considered adding this capability?


Image below is from Pro/E Sketcher. On the second row of icons in second toolbar you'll see

[Dimensions]-hidden , [Constraints/Relations]-hidden , [Grid]-hidden , [Vertices] displayed , along with the message line showing

"Section dimensions will not be displayed." message that shows when Dimension toggle icon is switched off.

I'd appreciate if SolidWorks had the ability to do this.

So any enhancement requests you can file with SolidWorks would be appreciated.


I welcome SolidWorks to defend their position on why they currently don't offer a dimension toggle icon.


Michael Cole