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Changing font of multiple sketch text in a sketch

Question asked by James Barkwith on Mar 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Marc-Xavier Bilodeau



We use a product called Solidworks Modeler which converts our Altium Designer PCB's into Solidworks parts, and includes all the PCB tracks and text etc.


Sometimes it doesnt work right, and the fonts come out much larger than we designed.

Currently when this happens, I have to edit the feature which is associated with the text (the program splits the text, tracks, pads etc into different features), then change the size of each of the sketch text fonts manually. It takes a long time.


I have used solidworks for some years, however never ventured into areas outside what I do in my normal work, and dont know of a method to be able to select multiple sketch texts and change the font and size of all of them at once.


Is this possible to do?


So all the text is in 1 feature, and therefore 1 sketch. Each text is a seperate sketch text, and there are say 50 in the sketch. I need to change the font size of all of them from say "Arial Regular 1.27mm Height" to "Arial Regular 1.00mm Height".


Any help would be appreciated.


They are using Solidworks 2010 SP4 I believe.