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What angle is measured by "angular displacement" motion plot?

Question asked by Arjan Westerhuis on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by Arjan Westerhuis

Hi there,


I have a problem and worked on it for 3 days without result. I hope someone can help me.


The model:

I have a motion model where I want to plot the angle between two faces. One face/part is fixed and one face (of a part) moves around a virtual centre of rotation by the construction. This face/part has 3 rotational degrees of freedom.


The plot:

I selected the plot type "angular displacement" on the moving face with the fixed face as reference.


The problem:

I have the feeling that the result angle is not the right angle. I used the measure tool to determine the angle between the two faces and it gives a different angle. Even when I specified the angle with mates, the "angular displacement" plot gives other values than specified while the measure tool gives the right angle.


Additional information:

I already repaired the model from redundant constraints, so that is not the problem.



So the question is, how do I create a plot with the angle between two faces? And how is the angle specified which solidworks returns in the current situation?


Does anyone knows the answer? It would be very usefull.


Kind regards,