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I cannot get dual dimension in millimeters to read 2 decimal places

Question asked by Phil Meiklejohn on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2013 by Justin Wenner

I have tried over and over. I have a dimension of 1.969 inches and I would like it to read 50.00 millimeters as well. I have selected dual dimension under document properties to be in millimeters with .12 as the decimal places. When I look at the actual dimension it reads "50". Ok so maybe it is counting those as the 2 places so I change it to .1234 decimal places and it now reads "49.9999" The same goes for 3 decimal places, it will read "50". I can't imagine what I could be doing wrong here. Seems to be just a bug. BTW I am running SW 2012. Also if I go to override dimension where it reads "50" and I type in "50.00" it immediately changes back to "50"