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    Ryan Algenio

      Hello all,


      I see a lot of talk dealing with revisions, but I haven't found a subject on simply how to check what revision a 3D model is.  My apologies if it has already been asked. But how do you check the revision of a 3D model? Or can someone point me in the direction where I can find instructions or a tutorial? I'm absolutely stumped and I need to check if a model is the same revision as a drawing.


      Thank you for any help.

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          Mark Kaiser

          Well, it's possible to revise a drawing without revising a model (you could change a note on the drawing that does not affect the 3D data).  Also, if the drawing is fully loaded, not opened view only, it will be up to date with the model.  My practice is not to have revision levels on the model like drawings.


          Must be this is a PDM thing, I feel like I'm missing something, and I don't use PDM.

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            Troy Peterson

            Revision information is in the Custom Properties of the files. This information is not automatically added unless a PDM system is involved in controlling the revision levels.

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              Scott McFadden


              Welcome to the forum.

              Like Troy said, revisions are best managed in a PDM vault system.

              With that said a custom property can be created outside of a PDM system

              and manually maintained.  With this the properties can be checked in SW explorer

              looking under the properties tab.