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Best resource for Studio Assembly parts?

Question asked by J. Becker on Mar 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2012 by Rob Rodríguez

Enamored with the Modo kits (SLIK), I am trying to put together my own studio assembly to be used for photorealistic renders. I realize that I could use HDR environments to give great lighting but the difficulty of placing exactly the type of light I want, on exactly the right curve of a model, deems that too time consuming. I looked into HDR Light Studio 3, but separate opening of HDRs to determine my lighting intent on older files is bit excessive(one more program to remember controls for!).

So, I've determined that creating, sourcing, scavenging and borrowing the required lightboxes, umbrella lights, spots, tripods and other parts is probably the best route.


Has anyone found a nice place for this stuff? Lightboxes are easy, sure, but how about a nice ring light with individual lights for point flares and a tripod?


Any help would be appreciated.