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    Solidworks on a MacBookPro

    David Bales

      I am a new user, with a potential out of town job.


      I am looking at buying a new PowerBook for running Solidworks while on the road, and am wanting to get the best possible performance on a limited budget.


      I know the obvious answer is a dedicated Windows machine, and I have considered that. However it is simply impossible for me to buy PC versions of all my current software at this time.


      The questions:


      1) Is Solidworks multi-processor aware, and does the number of cores make much difference over processor speed (2.8GHz i7 dual vs. 2.2GHz i7 quad)?


      2) I am running Parallels now, and WinXP. Is there much performance gain by running on a partitioned drive using BootCamp, or switching to a different version of Windows?


      Note that I am resisting the partitioned approach a bit, because the drives aren't that big. I also hate to partition a drive, and end up with a lot of wasted space. Plus, I am frequently switching between Photoshop, Aperture, Solidworks, Numbers, Mail, and Pages, and a restart between every switch seems like an insane productivity killer.


      3) I would like to attach a local monitor to the laptop for more effective drafting on-site. Does the Intel HD3000 handle normal modeling and assembles adequately, or is it worth the upgrade to get the AMD Radeon graphics processor?


      Thanks for your help, appreciate any real world experience you might have with any of these issues!



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          Josh Brady

          In the upper left corner there is a box next to a button that says "SEARCH".  If you had typed the title of your post into that box, you wouldn't have needed to go through the trouble of typing the rest of your post.

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              David Bales

              Gee Josh, thanks for the tremendously helpful reply.


              I actually did search, but there were only only four generally relevant topics, and they went back 6 to 12 months. Hardly current information.


              None had the specific information I requested, and some actually conflicted with other posts.


              So, which MacBook are you using? Working well for you?


              I'd still appreciate a response from someone with actual experience about my request.



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                  Rogier Van Rossen

                  some stuff I know:


                  1. Solidworks modeling is core speed dependent and only use 1 core. It helps to have more cores so other processes are handled by the 2nd. Solidworks assemblies are in some operations multicore but most of it is single core. So if it is pure modeling I would say core speed is better than more than 2 cores. But you tell you do a lot of multitasking and switching, so then more cores are helpfull. Also when rendering or simulating, there is a huge benefit from the multicores.


                  2. We are using Macbook Pro's with bootcamp (old 6yr old pro's) and I never tried parallels, so I cannot help you with that decision. I would choose to run Win7 X64 instead of XP. XP will no longer be supported in the next release of Solidworks.

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                    Greg Hynd

                    Bottom line is if you want support etc on solidworks, dont get a mac to run it on. They are not supported.