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Can dispatch copy the SW Part card into another folder?

Question asked by Ty Toney on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by Wayne Matus

I'm looking to automate my new project creation as much as I can. I'm just starting to learn C# so that I can get into API, I'm trying to figure a dispatch solution in the meantime. Is dispatch able to copy a file card template into another folder? I have a folder based numbering system that requires a file card template in each folder where parts and assemblies are placed. What I'd like is to have it that when a new project is created that a copy of the SW Part and Assy file card templates are placed into each of the sub project folders. What I'm planning to use as a trigger is when a .mpp file is added to the vault. What is daunting me is the file paths in the copy function. If I direct it to the appropriate file card template in the source line, how do I direct it to the folders of the new project? If I use the funtion 'filepathtoselectedfile' is that going to use the file path to the source file card template or the .mpp file?