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Reaction force vs frequency plot

Question asked by Sylvian Braibant on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by Kevin Corr

Hi there,


I am doing a dynamic simulation on what I've attached a picture of. Meaning a membrane excited by a cycling force (10 N) between 0 and 60 kHz, while held at another place on the structure (fixed geometry). I got actually 2 questions about the reaction forces. The fixed geometries are the 2 faces of the flange and I would expect the reaction forces on those surfaces to be opposite. And they are not : for the lower face X : 37 N ; Y : 27 N ; Z : 37 N // on the upper face X : 47 N ; Y : 83 N ; Z : 46 N (the cylindrical axis is Y, and so is the exciting force's). That's my first question.

My second one is : is this possible to plot these reaction forces along the whole frequency range ? The values given above are for the step 60, at 49259 Hz. My goal is to be able to spot the frequency peak on this reaction force plot.

I hope I am being clear.... thanks for any hint !