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Configuration Driven Program

Question asked by James Bailey on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2012 by John Stoltzfus

I'm not sure how to explain this clearly, but what I have is an assembly with a large potential of configurations (let's say upwards of 100 configurations).


Basically, I have a manifold that holds a flowmeter which is dictated by how many air guns one may have on a machine. This manifold is the housing for the flowmeter and what one could do is create a pattern to fulfill how many flowmeters are required for this manifold.

Heat Stake Flow Control.PNG

My thoughts are to create a little program via VBA to have a form ready when inserting this manifold assembly into SolidWorks. The user would enter in, for instance, how many air guns they have and given that number, there would be that many manifold mounting holes and flowmeters created via a pattern within this assembly as a configuration.


My question is, is this at all possible using VBA? I know SolidWorks has integrated VBA macros, but can you create a user form to perform operations for you within SolidWorks using Solidworks' configurations etc.?




By the way, here's a little snippet of my idea for some code (in layman's form):


Form is generated upon insertion of assembly

User enters in how many air guns they have

Assembly then creates (or uses) a configuration which sets FLOWMETER pattern equal to how many air guns are input

Configuration also sets MF-3 to accomodate length required to house said number of FLOWMETERs


Most importantly, this is an assembly (and parts) that is stored on our standard server which everyone has access to. There cannot be real changes made to the assembly/parts other than configurations being created. This is because if I alter a configuration that someone is currently using, it will affect the project they are working on.


Hope this makes sense!