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Big IGES File - 850 MB to be opened

Question asked by Thilagaraj Nagaraj on Feb 29, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2012 by Thilagaraj Nagaraj

Dear Friends


Solidworks 2008 - 8 GB RAM PC - Windows XP


I have one very big IGES 850 MB file. It is basically an assembly file which is modeled in some other modeling software and converted to IGES Format.


And it is zipped as 150 MB file, if i unzipped it, then it is 850 MB file. Now i opened that IGES file (850 MB) in Solidworks 2008 and it tooks

nearly 8 hours and still it is not opened. My Intension is if that file will opens in solidworks 2008 means then i will save as Solidworks Part (Not as Assembly)

and i can use it comfortably later. But the problem is first time opening itself tooks more time and still iot is not opened.



Any body suggest some settings changes Tools > Options or other may increase the speed of the IGES file opening and working with the large assy.


thanks in advance