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(2) instances of same BOM displaying differently

Question asked by Corey Hinman on Feb 28, 2012



I think this might be more of a Solidworks issue than a PDM issue, but I'm really stumped. I have an assy, with an indented structure similar to below




          Part 1



          Part 1



Part 1 has a calculated BOM with some files pasted as reference, and then modified. When I look at an indented version of TOP_Assembly, I am seeing the modified quantities under Sub 1, but under Sub 2 I am seeing just "1" for each item.


Both subs are calling the same version, and same configuration of Part 1. I've tried everything I can think of, but I can't figure out why the same BOM is displaying differently in the 2 different subs. It must be either a bug, or a setting I'm missing that is different between sub 1 and sub 2.