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    Hole Wizard - changing the format file does nothing

    Bill Lacey

      I've added a couple of holes to a part using the hole wizard and a fractional drill size. When I add a hole callout in the drawing, it reads 175X 9/32 THRU ALL and the Dimension Text box has the following syntax: <NUM_INST>X <hw-fstsze> <hw-thru>


      What I really want is for the callout to read 175X Ø0.281 THRU ALL (or <NUM_INST>X <hw-diam> <hw-thru>) but no matter what I do to change the calloutformat.txt file, I cannot get the diameter of the hole to show up as a decimal. What's really throwing me for a loop is the syntax of the plain hole: HOLE-BLIND=;<MOD-DIAM> <hw-diam> <HOLE-DEPTH> <hw-depth>. The <hw-fstsze> variable isn't even in the syntax! I just printed all 69 pages of the calloutformat file and I can't find a single entry that even comes close to matching the syntax of the actual note.


      How can I get the hole diameter to show up as a decimal without manually changing it each time? I can see the Callout Value in the properties box, but when I click on the drop down only the Fastener Size option is there. Even if I could get this to let me choose a diameter value that would fix my problem.

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          Daen Hendrickson

          William, I don't know if changing the coding in the hole callout property manager will dynamically update the callout. However, you can change the hole callout text file which is where SW gets that coding from.


          Take a look at this discussion and see if this is a solution for you:





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            Bill Lacey

            Units are set to decimal, but that has no effect on the hole callout dimension.

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              Bill Lacey

              An update to this problem.


              Testing the hole callout at home, everything works perfectly. The callout reads 175X Ø 0.281 THRU ALL just like I want it to and I can switch between decimal and fraction at will by changing the units in the document properties. So I email a copy of the calloutformat.txt file to my work, and overwrite the file on my computer. It STILL didn't work and the callout was still reading as 175X 9/32 THRU ALL, and I couldn't change the fraction to a decimal (and I was still missing the diameter symbol). I submitted a report to my VAR and while I was waiting for them to respond I continued to mess around with the format file, trying to see if I could somehow figure out what was going wrong.


              This is the syntax of the plain thru hole in the format file from my home computer (the one that actually worked): HOLE-THRU=;<MOD-DIAM> <hw-diam> <hw-thru>. Just for grins, and I don't even know why I thought of this, but I decided to delete the space between the diameter symbol and the diameter variable so it would read like this: HOLE-THRU=;<MOD-DIAM><hw-diam> <hw-thru> (pay attention to the red carrots). Some how that worked, but I lost the space between the diameter symbol and the dimension (175X Ø0.281 THRU ALL is what it looked like). I can live with this since I don't have to manually adjust my callout notes anymore, but it's odd how this is required ONLY for the plain thru hole. I can leave the space in the rest of the plain holes and they all work fine. In fact, I made another part with four different types of holes and added a callout to each one to test it, and the plain thru hole was the only one that required modification.


              Odd how I don't have to do this at home, but I have to do it at work. However, I am running Window$ 7 at home and XP 64-bit at work, so that may have something to do with it (although I can't see how that would cause a problem with how SW reads a text file). Now that I know how to reproduce the problem, I'll try and post some screenshots of it tomorrow.