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Next Meeting - March 21st, 2012

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SLUG - Solidworks Louisville User Group Meeting

March 21st, 2012

Our first meeting for 2012 is coming up on March 21st, Wednesday 6:30 - 8:30 pm at University of Louisville.  We have 2 great presentations.

  • Organic Surfacing in Solidworks made easy! REAL easy!
  • Equations and the Crazy Things You Can Do!

Paul McCrorey will demonstrate how to utilize the power of sub-division surface modeling in conjunction with Solidworks to build complex organic surfaces.

Fresh off Solidworks World 2012 Paul will give the presentation that was shown in the Luxology booth regarding organic surfaces in Solidworks.  Surfacing in Solidworks is a challenge to say the least.  However, sub-surface modelers make this task easy.  The problem is - until now, there has been no easy way to bridge the gap between a subdivision surface model and a NURBS (Solidworks type) model. Luxology in conjunction with IntegrityWare have developed a plug-in into modo that will do just that. It is a pretty cool workflow and worth your time investigating how it works.

Paul McCrorey of McCrorey Digital owns his own visualization business where he develops animations and renderings primarily based on CAD data imported from Solidworks and other parasolid modelers.  He has presented as Solidworks World multiple times and is the founding member and user group leader of SLUG.

Brandon Bibelhauser will be demonstrating how to use equations in a different way.

Brandon will be creating a conveyor path using multiple techniques.  He will demonstrate how equations can help to easily modify a model of complex geometry and features with only 2-3 variables.  The model he will be presenting consists of helixes, 3D sketches and a sweep along a multiple dimension path.

Brandon Bibelhauser P.E. of Raque Food Systems is a Mechanical Design Engineer specializing in industrial food-plant machinery.  This field of machinery ranges from various types to conveyors to specialized filling equipment. He utilizies Solidworks in many areas including: Weldments, Sheet Metal, Helix, Equations, Patterns, Design Tables, and Animation.

Next Meeting: May 2012

THE GREAT MARK BIASOTTI from Solidworks will be in Louisville in May to present at the SLUG meeting!  This is an awesome milestone for our group.  Mark is one of the most coveted speakers at Solidworks World.  His sessions are always packed and very informative.  He is in product development and will be in the area to show you some amazing things.  Please mark your calendars for this special meeting.  It will be your chance to meet a very influential member of the Solidworks team.

Please RSVP to so that we can get an accurate count for food purposes.

Meeting Details:

Date:   Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Time:  6:30pm - 8:30pm

Food:  Something good and FREE!

Place: University of Louisville

Henry Vogt Engineering Center
3rd  and  Eastern Parkway
Louisville, Kentucky  40292

The SLUG Guarantee:  Everyone will learn something new about Solidworks or they will get their money back!